Delaviuda Chocolate Delights Pack

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Explore the variety of flavors in the Delaviuda Chocolate Turrón Collection. Each item in this set offers a distinct taste and texture, suitable for individual enjoyment or as a thoughtful gift.

Included in the Pack:

  • Three Chocolates Turrón (200g): A combination of three types of chocolate, creating a multi-layered flavor profile.
  • 70% Dark Chocolate Turrón (200g): A turrón with a rich and bold cacao essence, made from 70% dark chocolate.
  • Cocoa Truffles (100g): Truffles with a soft center, coated in a layer of fine cocoa powder.
  • Creamy Hazelnut Turrón (200g): A combination of creamy texture and the crunch of toasted hazelnuts.
  • Rum & Raisin Turrón (200g): A mix of the distinct flavors of rum and the sweetness of raisins.

Each product in this collection is individually packaged, ensuring freshness and quality.