Meat paella broth Gallina Blanca 1L

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Get always a great taste in your paellas in the easiest way with Easy Meat Paella Broth.

A 100% Natural Beef Broth with no preservatives and a touch of sofrito to enhance the flavor.

To prepare a delicious meat paella in the easiest way:

-Fry the chicken and beef and set aside.
-Add garlic, onion and other vegetables.
-Add the tomato.
-Add the meats and let it all cook together.
-Add the rice and the brik of Caldo para Paella Fácil de Carne 100% Natural.
-Keep it boiling for 10 minutes at high heat and another 10 minutes at lower heat.

Crafting the Perfect Paella

All you need to make a traditional paella