Rice and Ingredients for Paella

Paella is a dish originally from Valencia (Spain). Its main ingredient is rice, usually accompanied by seafood, chicken, legumes and other foods.

The pan used to prepare paella is known as paellera or even paella. It is a kind of pan with handles.

The Valencian paella would have emerged in the eighteenth century in the area of La Albufera. It is believed that in that rice-growing region a combination of rice with green beans , snails and eel was prepared in a casserole that, over the years, derived in the now traditional paella of Valencia.

To prepare paella, bomba rice, which is medium grain, is generally used but also you can use spanish round rice. The classic version usually includes green beans, tomato, olive oil, saffron and chicken, although some of these ingredients may be missing and others included (rabbit, garlic, etc.).

In this section you have the ingredients to make your delicious paella.


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