Spanish Shellfish Fiesta: Mussels, Cockles & Scallops Ensemble

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Celebrate the vibrant flavors of Spanish shellfish with our "Spanish Shellfish Fiesta" pack, a gourmet collection carefully selected for connoisseurs of fine seafood. This ensemble brings together the best of Spanish coastal flavors in one exquisite package:

  1. Cockles in Brine 'Berberechos' from Spain 115g - Delight in these tender, flavorful cockles, preserved in brine to highlight their natural sweetness and oceanic essence.

  2. Ramon Peña Small Mussels in Pickled Sauce 110g - Savor the delicate taste of small mussels, enhanced with a traditional pickled sauce that adds a tangy twist to their natural flavor.

  3. Ramon Peña Spicy Mussels with Garlic and Chilli Pepper 110g - Experience the bold combination of spicy mussels with garlic and chilli, offering a fiery, flavorful journey with each bite.

  4. Casa Santoña Baby Scallops in 'Viera' Sauce 115g - Indulge in the succulent baby scallops, cooked in a rich and savory 'Viera' sauce, a true testament to the culinary richness of Spain.

  5. Conservas De Cambados Mussels in Galician Sauce 111g - Enjoy these exquisite mussels in a classic Galician sauce, bringing a piece of Spanish tradition to your table.

  6. Conservas De Cambados Scallops in Galician Sauce 111g - Relish the refined taste of scallops in a flavorful Galician sauce, capturing the essence of Spain's renowned seafood cuisine.