Las Hermanas Smoked Paprika "Pimenton de la Vera" three Pack

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Pimentón, AKA Spanish paprika, is as fundamental to Spanish cooking as black pepper is to kitchens across the US, It’s the spice that makes chorizo red, stews hearty, bravas sauce spicy, Galician octopus smoky and mojo picón fiery. 

Las Hermanas de la Vera paprika is a condiment for food with D.O. It comes in three types of flavors: spicy, sweet and sazonador. We designed its new packaging with original illustrations that show "LAS HERMANAS" with their typical costumes of the region and in which we have played with the metallic colors of the cans to differentiate the three types of flavor.
To accompany the design of the can formats we made a series of original illustrations of new characters that we baptized with the name "The girls of paprika" and that represent different types of girls, with different lifestyles.

Every can contains 70 g. The pack contains three cans. 

Produced in Spain.