Paquete de mezcla de cultura


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  1. Esnaola Vanilla Creamed Sweet Potato Paste 700 g (2024-03-21)

  2. Esnaola Vanilla & chocolate Creamed Sweet Potato Paste 700 g (2024-03-21)

  3. San Ignacio Dulce De Leche (Milk Caramel Spread) 840 g (2023-10)

  4. Aguantadora 250g (Free)

Introducing our Fighting Food Waste - Argentinian Edition

A carefully selected assortment of Argentinian products past their best-before dates but still perfectly good for consumption. This bundle is designed to help you enjoy the rich and diverse flavors of Argentina while making a positive impact on reducing food waste. Each bundle includes a variety of items such as olive oil, canned vegetables, gourmet sauces, and traditional Argentinian snacks. These high-quality products may have surpassed their optimal shelf life but remain safe and delicious, offering you a unique opportunity to savor authentic Argentinian cuisine at a fraction of the cost.

By choosing our Fighting food waste - Argentinian Edition, you are not only indulging in premium Argentinian flavors but also supporting a sustainable cause. Food waste is a significant global issue, and by purchasing this bundle, you are helping to minimize unnecessary waste and promote a more responsible consumption practice. Perfect for adventurous food lovers and those looking to make eco-conscious choices, this bundle provides a delicious way to enjoy Argentinian delicacies while contributing to the fight against food waste. Embrace the taste of Argentina and join us in our mission to make every meal count.