Discover the Best Spanish Turron with Almendro

Discover the Best Spanish Turron with Almendro

If you've ever traveled to Spain during the holiday season, you've probably seen displays of colorful and tempting turrones in bakeries and markets. Turron is a type of nougat made from honey, sugar, egg whites, and toasted nuts, and it's a traditional Christmas treat in Spain. The most popular nuts used in turron are almonds, hazelnuts, and pine nuts, and the texture can range from hard and crunchy to soft and chewy.

One of the most delicious and popular turron brands in Spain is Almendro turron. Their turrones are made with the finest ingredients and traditional techniques, and they offer a wide variety of flavors and textures to suit every taste.

Here are some of the most popular types of turron from Almendro:

  1. Almendro Hard Almond Turron - This is the classic Spanish turron made with roasted almonds, honey, sugar, and egg whites. It has a crunchy texture and a sweet, nutty flavor that is irresistible.

  2. Almendro Soft Almond Turron - This turron is similar to the hard almond turron, but it has a softer texture that melts in your mouth. It's made with a higher proportion of almonds and less sugar, giving it a more intense nutty flavor. Its also called turron Jijona.

  3. Almendro Chocolate Almond Turron - If you're a chocolate lover, this turron is for you. It's made with roasted almonds, honey, sugar, and cocoa powder, and it has a rich and decadent chocolate flavor.

  4. Almendro Yema Turron - Yema is a type of custard made with egg yolks, sugar, and milk, and it's a popular filling for pastries and desserts in Spain. This turron combines the creamy yema filling with crunchy roasted almonds for a unique and delicious treat.

  5. Almendro Coconut Turron - This turron is made with shredded coconut, roasted almonds, honey, and sugar, giving it a tropical twist. It has a soft and chewy texture and a sweet coconut flavor.

If you're looking for a unique and delicious gift for the holidays, or just want to treat yourself to a taste of Spain, Almendro turron is the perfect choice. You can find their products in specialty stores or online, and they make a great addition to any dessert table or gift basket. So go ahead and indulge in the sweet and nutty flavors of Spanish turron, and discover why Almendro turrones is one of the most beloved turron brands in Spain.

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