Espinaler Spicy Octopus Pate 85 g

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The Espinaler Spicy Octopus Pate, available in an 85g tin, is a distinctive seafood spread that combines the rich taste of octopus with a spicy kick. This pate is part of Espinaler's line of patés, which reflect the intense flavors of the sea and the brand's commitment to marine life conservation.

Espinaler, a Barcelona-based company, has been crafting conservas from fresh catches since 1896, maintaining traditional flavors and methods​.

This pate incorporates fresh-caught octopus with a house spicy sauce, a recipe that has remained largely unchanged since the company's early days as a pub on the Galician coast. The spicy sauce adds a rich and kicky dimension to the pate, making it a unique way to enjoy octopus.