Squid Pieces In Squid Ink 115 g



O'Mer Squid Pieces In Ink is a gourmet product showcasing tender and juicy squid pieces, meticulously cooked and preserved in a rich ink sauce made exclusively from the squid's ink. The squid used in this product are of the highest quality, sustainably caught off the coast of Spain.

This versatile ingredient adds a burst of savory flavor to various dishes, including pasta, rice, or salads. Additionally, it stands out as a delectable standalone snack or appetizer. The convenient can size ensures easy storage and usage.

About the brand

O'Mer is a well-regarded brand in the gourmet food industry, recognized for its commitment to using only the finest ingredients in crafting high-quality seafood products. This company's dedication to capturing authentic flavors is outstanding. The long history of delivering premium seafood products reflects O'Mer's ongoing commitment to providing a delightful culinary experience.