Cacao Sampaka Roses & Strawberries White Chocolate Bar 75 g



The Cacao Sampaka Roses & Strawberries White Chocolate Bar, weighing 75 grams, is a unique and delightful confectionary creation.

Renowned for its luscious, creamy, and full-flavored white chocolate, this bar is expertly blended with crisp dried strawberries and fragrant rose petals. The result is a gorgeous, swirling bar that is at once floral, sweet, bright, and creamy. The tartness of the strawberries perfectly complements the milky richness of the white chocolate, invoking memories of berries soaked in milk.

The rose aroma enhances the bright berries with a pleasant crunch and lingering sweetness, reminiscent of childhood fruity cereals with dried strawberries soaked in milk.