Espinaler Spicy Mussel Pate 85 g



This pate is made from Galician mussels, known for their high quality, and brings the taste of the ocean to your palate. The pate is a fabulous way to enjoy the umami flavors associated with the sea. It is part of Espinaler's new line of patés, which is a collaboration with Carles Bros, a Costa Brava painter and advocate for marine life preservation.

This culinary masterpiece combines succulent mussels with a fiery and aromatic spicy sauce, creating an explosion of bold flavors. The pate is perfect for indulging in the Mediterranean charm and is expertly crafted to deliver a unique taste experience. It can be enjoyed as a delicious canapé base or spread generously on crackers or good bread, with the addition of chopped parsley for an extra touch of flavor.