50% Iberian Spanish Cebo de Campo Ham With Bone Señorio de Olivenza 7.84 kg



Iberian Cebo de Campo Ham with Hints of Acorn Flavor. Our best ham in terms of quality and price. No additives, No nitrites. Raised and Fed in the Dehesa. Cured in natural drying rooms.

Señorío de Olivenza's Iberian Cebo de Campo Ham At Señorío de Olivenza, over 120 years and four generations of professionals dedicated to the Iberian pig and its products.

The quality of their products is the primary focus, achieved through three key aspects:

  1. Selection of free-range Iberian pigs in the Dehesa.
  2. Additive-free salting process.
  3. Curing in natural drying rooms.


At Señorío de Olivenza, products are crafted through meticulous selection of Iberian pigs and a slow, calm curing process, creating a delicacy with unparalleled texture, flavor, and aroma.

In 1990, the Dehesa de Extremadura Designation of Origin emerged, distinguished mainly because it can only be produced from animals originating from the Extremadura dehesas, as is the case with Señorío de Olivenza, where only the finest animals are selected.

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