Iberian Spanish Shoulder Ham Acorn Fed "Paleta Bellota" Don Ramón 6.225 Kg

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This exquisite ham, known as 'Paleta' due to its origin from the front shoulders of the Iberian pig, is a gourmet product highly prized for its rich, complex flavors.

The "Bellota" designation signifies that the pigs were free-range and fed primarily on acorns, a diet that imparts a distinctive nutty flavor and succulent texture to the meat. The natural fats infused with acorn flavors melt at lower temperatures, resulting in a uniquely rich and tender experience.

Aged through a meticulous curing process, this Paleta Bellota develops a deep, nuanced flavor profile and a melt-in-the-mouth texture. The ham boasts a perfect balance of savory and sweet, with hints of nuttiness and a complex aroma.