Jolca Tuna Stuffed Olives 300 g



Experience the genuine flavors of Spain with Jolca Tuna Stuffed Olives. This 300g can is brimming with traditional green olives, recognized for their robust and rich taste. These olives are impeccably paired with Spanish tuna, introducing a distinctive, savory dimension to the blend.

Jolca, a prominent brand in Spain, guarantees excellence in every tin. The olives are generously filled with tuna, offering a subtle seafood undertone that elevates them as a delightful treat. They're versatile, perfect for savoring solo or amplifying the taste of various recipes.

Stored in a saline solution to ensure peak freshness, Jolca Tuna Stuffed Olives transport the captivating tastes of Spain straight to your dining table. Relish the essence of Spanish gastronomy with each morsel