L'Estornell Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml



Produced from organic Arbequina olives from the Veá estates, as well as the harvest of other growers in the locality.

Sweet, slightly nutty, almond flavor with a peppery quality and spicy aftertaste.

The fields of Veá are a testament to natural cultivation, free from pesticides and herbicides. This commitment to nature is evident in the thriving soil, a vital component in producing exceptional olive oil.

After harvest, the cut grasses and flowers are repurposed as organic fertilizer, enhancing the soil's richness. The region's cold temperatures play a dual role; they naturally fend off pests and ensure optimal maturation of the olives. Every few years, untreated earth from nearby hills, rich in natural minerals, is integrated with the humus-rich soil, fortifying its quality.

As pioneers in ecological cultivation, the Veá family, along with 11 local farmers, adhere to the strict standards set by the C.C.P.A.E. – Catalan Council of Organic Agricultural Production. The rigorous climate, featuring cold winters with temperatures dropping between -5 to -7 degrees and frequent fogs, naturally shields against pests and aids the Arbequina olives in achieving perfect maturation.