Premium Fuet Iberico 180 g


The Premium Fuet Ibérico is a fine example of Iberian craftsmanship, a slender, dry-cured sausage weighing 180 grams.

Originating from the Iberian Peninsula, this fuet is crafted from the meat of acorn-fed Iberian pigs, which imparts a rich and nuanced flavor profile.

The curing process accentuates the natural taste of the pork, while hints of garlic, pepper, and other traditional herbs and spices add depth to its flavor. With a firm yet yielding texture, the fuet is encased in a natural skin that helps preserve its integrity and savoriness.

It’s a versatile meat that can be enjoyed on its own, sliced thinly and served at room temperature to release its full bouquet of flavors. Whether incorporated into tapas, paired with cheese and wine, or simply enjoyed as a savory snack, the Premium Fuet Ibérico offers a gourmet experience that is both authentically Spanish and universally appealing.

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