Cachamate Digestive Yerba Mate 1 kg



Cachamate is a brand of yerba mate tea that originated in Argentina and has become popular throughout South America and around the world. Yerba mate is a traditional tea made from the leaves of the yerba mate plant, which is native to South America. Cachamate is known for its high-quality mate tea, which is made from hand-picked yerba mate leaves that are carefully processed and packaged to preserve their natural flavor and nutritional properties.

Cachamate is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility in its production methods, using renewable energy sources and implementing environmentally-friendly practices throughout its production process. The company works with small farmers in Argentina to ensure the highest quality yerba mate leaves are harvested sustainably and ethically, while supporting local communities.

  • Relaxing blend of pennyroyal, Inca tea, chamomile, fennel, coriander and mint
  • Replete with stems and herbs of all shapes and sizes
  • Product of Argentina

Experience Argentina in Canada, authentically.

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