Pampa Organic Mate Tea 500 g


Discover the rich and authentic taste of Argentine yerba mate culture with Pampa Orgánica 100% organic yerba mate. This yerba mate is directly sourced from Argentina (Ilex Paraguariensis) and produced with a focus on respecting the natural growth rhythms of the environment.

In 1926, immigrants began cultivating yerba mate, and on July 24th, 1930, the Agrícola Mixta de Montecarlo Limitada formed a federation of farmers in the region. Today, the primary tasks of Agrícola Mixta de Montecarlo Limitada are the production, processing, and commercialization of yerba mate.

  • Gentle with a sweet aftertaste
  • Aged 18 months
  • Made without pesticides, herbicides or fungicides
  • Product of Argentina

Experience Argentina in Canada, authentically.

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