Taragui Yerba Mate with stems 1 kg


Taragüi yerba mate is an authentic representation of the qualities of true yerba mate, with a full-bodied and well-balanced intensity. It features a harmonious blend of different types of yerba, each with unique characteristics based on the geographic region of the plant's development, the harvesting season, and the type of storage. Taragüi contains yerba from the north and central zones of the Misiones province, as well as from the northeast field zone of Corrientes; both summer and winter yerba.

The name Taragüi originates from the Guarani language and means Corrientes. It is named after the land where it is produced and has become the leading yerba mate brand in the Argentine market. Since 1924, it has been grown, harvested, and processed in origin by authentic specialists at the Las Marias establishment.

This yerba mate, made with stems, has a genuine and intense flavor that gives it a unique personality. It is a classic among the leading brands of Argentine yerba mate, with a strong and highly aromatic taste.

  • Grassy, tangy vegetal essence
  • Light body with high energy effects
  • Product of Argentina

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