El Almendro Duro Almond Turron 150 g


Made in SpainOrganic

El Almendro Duro Almond Turron is a traditional Spanish confection that is made from high-quality almonds and sugar. The turron is made by grinding the almonds into a paste and then mixing it with sugar to create a firm, crunchy texture. This mixture is then formed into a block, which is sliced into individual portions for serving.

The result is a sweet, nutty confection with a crunchy texture that is both satisfying and delicious. El Almendro Duro Almond Turron is a popular treat in Spain, particularly during the Christmas season, and is often enjoyed with a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of wine. It comes in a 150g package, making it a perfect size for a smaller indulgence or for sharing with friends and family.

  • A mixture of almonds with caramel to which egg white is added, giving this turron its distinct white colour
  • Great dessert or gift
  • Imported from Spain

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