Garcima Paellero Propane Gas Burner Ref 500



Experience the vibrant flavors of Spanish cuisine right in your kitchen with our top-tier Garcima Paellero Propane Gas Burner ref 500. Crafted for even heat distribution, this propane gas burner is the ultimate tool for creating perfect paella.

Compatible Paella Pans:

  • 38 cm
  • 40 cm
  • 42 cm
  • 46 cm
  • 60 cm
  • 65 cm
  • 70 cm


Enjoy uniformly cooked paella, each grain of rice infused with the essence of Spain, with these specifically supported pan sizes.

Please Note: The burner does not support paella pans sized 50 cm and 55 cm.

Easy Setup: This Garcima Paellero Burner flawlessly fits all standard North American propane tanks. We also offer a QCC1 hose and regulator for a smooth and secure connection to your propane gas tank.

Experience the joy of restaurant-grade, homemade Spanish paella with the Garcima Paellero Propane Gas Burner ref 500. Your journey into authentic Spanish cooking is just a flame away.

Safety Reminder: Handle gas burners with care. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure safety.

Crafting the Perfect Paella

All you need to make a traditional paella