Señorío de Montanera Spanish "Morcilla" Iberian Bellota Pork Black Pudding 350gr


Black pudding is a classic Spanish sausage, one of the most traditional. This type of sausage is made from cooked blood, generally cow's blood. The different types of Spanish morcillas are dark mahogany in color and are usually mixed with pork fat.

Some of them usually contain some other non-meat ingredient to increase their volume, such as rice blood sausage or onion blood sausage. Black pudding is a food that is made in many countries and of which there are many varieties. Spanish black pudding is very popular and traditional, but South American countries also make their own sausage such as Colombian black pudding or Argentine black pudding. You can experiment with different versions of morcillas. Although the basic preparation style remains the same, it is the flavor profile and sometimes the texture profiles that differ from place to place. The different varieties reflect the agriculture and history of each region, whether it is the local area or region of the country.
  • Made from lean cuts of Iberian pigs and blood
  • Intense, distinctly smoky and rich flavour
  • Can be served cold for tapas or grilled and added to rice or stews

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