Goikoa Snacking Fuet 150 g



Authentic Catalan Delight in Every Bite

Experience the essence of Catalonia with Goikoa Snacking Fuet. This 150g package captures the genuine taste of this thin, cured, dry sausage, traditionally prepared with an enticing blend of garlic, salt, and black pepper.

Purity in Taste
Relish a snacking experience free from compromise. Goikoa Fuet is not only GMO-free and gluten-free but also devoid of artificial colors, ensuring a pure and authentic flavor.

Snack with Sophistication
Perfect for those moments when you crave a touch of gourmet on the go. Goikoa Snacking Fuet delivers Spanish craftsmanship in a convenient, ready-to-enjoy format.

Dive into the world of refined flavors with every bite of Goikoa Snacking Fuet, a tribute to traditional Catalan gastronomy.

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