Serrano Ham With Bone 8.21 kg


We present our premium 8.03 kg Serrano Ham with bone - an iconic symbol of Spanish gastronomy, imported directly from Spain. This product delivers a sensory experience that embodies the culinary essence of Spain.

Our Serrano Ham with bone showcases a distinctive flavor profile, obtained through a meticulous curing process that allows the ham to absorb the natural aromas over time. The result is a beautifully balanced, savory delight that remains unrivaled.

The presence of the bone enhances the depth of flavor, contributing to the rich and complex taste that Serrano Ham is renowned for. Ideal for carving directly at the table, it offers an immersive experience that extends beyond mere consumption, making it a centerpiece of any gathering.

Please note: To ensure maximum quality and taste, store this product in a cool, dry place. For optimal flavor, it is recommended to carve thin slices and serve at room temperature

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