Garcima Mediterraneo Paella Pan Set with Burner (10 servings)



The Garcima Mediterraneo Paella Pan Set with Burner is a high-quality, versatile cooking set designed for making delicious paella dishes. The set includes a 20-inch carbon steel paella pan, a burner stand, and a gas regulator to ensure even heat distribution and efficient cooking.

The paella pan is made of durable, high-quality carbon steel and is designed to cook evenly and retain heat for an authentic paella experience. The pan has a classic dimpled surface that helps to prevent food from sticking and allows for easy cleanup.

The burner stand is made of sturdy steel and is designed to hold the paella pan securely in place while cooking. The stand is adjustable, making it easy to control the heat and ensure even cooking.

The gas regulator included in the set is designed to work with standard 20-pound propane tanks, making it easy to set up and use. The regulator also features a safety valve to prevent leaks and ensure safe operation.

Overall, the Garcima Mediterraneo Paella Pan Set with Burner is an excellent choice for anyone who loves to cook and wants to enjoy authentic, delicious paella dishes at home. With its high-quality construction and versatile design, this set is sure to provide many years of enjoyable cooking experiences.

  • Gas burner mod. 350
  • Paella Pan 42 cm
  • 3 legs set