Garcima Paella Kit (Mirador)


The Garcima Paella Kit (Mirador) is a complete package that includes a paella gas burner, a carbon steel paella pan, and a reinforced three-leg stand. The gas burner is the Model 500 and has two rings with a diameter of 50 cm. This burner is ideal for cooking paella outdoors and is designed to distribute heat evenly across the base of the pan.

The carbon steel paella pan included in the kit has a diameter of 60 cm, making it perfect for cooking for approximately 20 people. This pan is made of high-quality carbon steel, which ensures that heat is distributed evenly across the pan's surface, making it ideal for cooking paella.

The reinforced three-leg stand provides excellent stability for the gas burner and the paella pan, ensuring that the cooking process is safe and stable.

By purchasing the Garcima Paella Kit (Mirador), you can save up to 10% compared to purchasing each item separately. Additionally, the QCC1 hose and regulator necessary to connect the propane gas burner to your gas tank are available as an optional extra.

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