Gourmet Seafood Paella Kit: 5 people

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Equip yourself with our all-encompassing kit, offering all core ingredients required to concoct a mouth-watering seafood paella for five. Included is the prized bomba rice, known for its adeptness at imbibing flavors whilst retaining a perfect, firm texture. A dash of pimentón ensures a smoky essence and a delightful color.

A specially prepared fish broth lays the rich, savory groundwork, while a ready-made sofrito amplifies the aromatic allure. The inclusion of ñora and saffron fuses to create a taste and aroma that’s undeniably authentic.

As a bonus, a bottle of fine oil is included to ensure your paella not only tastes, but also cooks to perfection.

Ingredients: Bomba rice 500 g, pimentón, fish broth 1L, sofrito, ñora, 250ml extra olive oil and saffron a. Sufficient for a 5-person serving.

Please note:This kit supplies the core base ingredients to prepare your paella. The seafood necessary to complete the dish is not included and should be acquired separately.

Seafood Paella Recipe

Seafood Paella Cooking Instructions ▼

  1. Heat oil in a paella pan over medium heat.
  2. Add the seafood and cook until it's nearly done. Remove and set aside.
  3. In the same pan, add the sofrito and cook until fragrant.
  4. Stir in the pimentón, ñora, and saffron.
  5. Add the bomba rice and stir to coat with the mixture, then pour in the boiling fish broth mixed with 2 glasses of water.
  6. Let it simmer until the rice is almost cooked.
  7. Return the seafood to the pan, arranging it on top of the rice. Continue to cook until the rice is done and the seafood is heated through.
  8. Remove from heat and let it sit for a few minutes before serving. Enjoy your delicious seafood paella!

Crafting the Perfect Paella

All you need to make a traditional paella