Olasagasti Anchovies "Donostiarra" Style 190 g

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The Olasagasti Anchovies "Donostiarra" Style, in a 190g package, is a traditional seafood delicacy from the Basque region of Spain.These anchovies are known for their fresh and bright flavor, enhanced by delicate hints of heat and garlic, offering a taste experience that transports you to the Basque Country Coast.

The meaty and smooth texture of these anchovies makes them a ready-to-enjoy delicacy​.

These anchovies, also known as boquerones (white anchovies), are fried in olive oil 'a la Donostiarra' style, which includes garlic and cayenne pepper. This method of preparation gives the anchovies a unique flavor profile, combining the natural taste of the fish with the richness of olive oil and the subtle spiciness of garlic and cayenne pepper.