Ramon Peña Sardines with "Padrón" Peppers 130 g

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These sardines are sourced from the Galician Rias, a region known for its high-quality seafood. The sardines are selected for their small size and quality, ensuring a superior product. They are then cleaned and toasted before being packed with Padrón peppers and olive oil​.

Padrón peppers are added to the sardines to enhance their flavor. While these peppers provide a flavorful addition, they are not spicy, making this product suitable for those who prefer a milder taste. The combination of sardines, olive oil, and Padrón peppers creates a harmonious and delicious blend that can be enjoyed on its own, as a starter, or as a snack. It pairs well with sauteed onions, olive oil, and slices of crunchy, toasted bread.