Dried ñora Peppers 110 g



Dried ñora peppers are a type of Spanish pepper that is commonly used in traditional Spanish cuisine. They are small, round, and have a deep red color. When dried, they have a slightly wrinkled appearance and a smoky, sweet flavor.

Ñora peppers are often used in the preparation of traditional dishes such as paella, stews, and sauces. They are typically used to add depth and complexity to the flavor of a dish, and their smoky sweetness pairs well with seafood, chicken, and pork.

To use dried ñora peppers, you should first remove the stem and seeds. Then, you can rehydrate them in warm water for about 30 minutes, until they are soft and pliable. Once rehydrated, they can be blended into sauces, added to stews, or used as a topping for dishes like paella. Dried ñora peppers can also be ground into a fine powder and used as a seasoning for meat, vegetables, and rice dishes.