El Almendro Creamy Almond Turron Bar 75 g


Made in SpainOrganic

Savor the delightful fusion of sweet and nutty flavors in the El Almendro Creamy Almond Turron Bar. This 75g bar brings together premium ingredients in a harmonious blend that speaks to the heart of traditional Spanish confectionery.

The bar is made from a smooth, natural nougat, which serves as the perfect base for the other ingredients. This nougat offers a soft, velvety texture that melts in the mouth, making each bite a truly indulgent experience.

The nougat is further enhanced with carefully-selected roasted almonds. These nuts provide a subtle crunch and a deep, nutty flavor that complements the sweet nougat. The result is a rich, satisfying flavor that's irresistible to any palate.

Adding a touch of Spanish tradition, sweet Milflores honey is blended into the mix. This honey is renowned for its unique floral notes and natural sweetness, which pair excellently with the roasted almonds and smooth nougat.

Whether you're looking for a healthy snack or a delicious dessert, the El Almendro Creamy Almond Turron Bar fits the bill. Enjoy the authenticity of Spanish sweets with this fine, creamy almond turron bar

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