La Estepeña "Estepeñitas" Marzipan filled with Apricot 300 g

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La Estepeña "Estepeñitas" are a traditional confectionery product consisting of marzipan treats filled with apricot.

Each piece is crafted with a blend of finely ground almonds, sugar, and honey that compose the marzipan, encasing a sweet apricot filling.

This 300-gram package offers a generous quantity suitable for sharing or gifting. The marzipan's soft, chewy texture contrasts with the fruity, slightly tart apricot center, providing a balanced and satisfying flavor experience.

"Estepeñitas" marzipan with apricot is a product of Spain, where marzipan is a beloved treat, especially during the holiday season, though enjoyed all year round.