Shipping Policy

  1. Shipping Duration: The estimated shipping duration provided at checkout is determined by the carriers, to which an additional 1 to 2 processing days must be added to obtain a more precise estimate. Librairie Espagnole Inc. does not assume responsibility for these estimates.

  2. Right to Refuse Service: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time, including but not limited to stockouts and changes in shipment costs.

  3. Product Characteristics and Shipping Risks: Certain products may be less suitable for shipping due to their characteristics. For example, breadsticks may not arrive in perfect condition, and cans might arrive dented. By purchasing these items, the customer acknowledges and assumes these inherent risks.
  4. Final Sale Policy: Sales are final once the package is fulfilled; there are no returns or exchanges. If changes are needed, they must be requested via phone call before the package is fulfilled, and we will make our best to attend the request. However, there may be cases when we cannot attend it. The customer is responsible for contacting us via phone for any other urgent matters.
  5. Delivery Costs: All deliveries incur a cost, regardless of the purchase amount. The customer is charged for any shipment issues for which they are accountable, such as inaccurate address or missing phone number. A Canadian or American phone number is required; if unavailable, the customer may use our store phone number.
  6. Delivery Services: Deliveries are made through external services such as Canada Post, FedEx, Purolator, or UPS. Delivery prices are calculated based on the distance between our store and the recipient, as well as the package's dimensions and weight.
  7. Business Days and Order Fulfillment: Our business days are Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. Orders will be fulfilled within 24 to 72 hours after receipt during these days.
  8. Packaging and Carrier Responsibility: We strive to ensure all products are packed safely and securely. However, we cannot guarantee that items will not be damaged or lost due to improper handling by the carrier.
  9. Damage Claims: In case of damage, we will file a claim with the carrier on behalf of the customer for reimbursement. This process is subject to the carrier's investigation, policies, and timelines. The carrier will require proof of damage for the claim, and the customer is responsible for taking photos upon arrival.