Andres Gaviño Orange and Olive Oil Tortas 180 g

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Andrés Gaviño's Orange and Olive Oil Tortas, weighing 180g, are a unique and artisanal Spanish pastry. These tortas are handmade, one by one, ensuring that each piece is unique and crafted with the utmost care.
The tortas are known for their delicious, crunchy texture, enhanced by the essence of oranges and pieces of lemon. Made with premium quality extra virgin olive oil, these tortas represent the tradition and quality of Andrés Gaviño's baking practices.

The family-run business of Andrés Gaviño has been baking these artisan tortas in traditional brick ovens since the 1800s. Their commitment to using natural ingredients and a hint of sweetness lends the tortas a delicate, light, and crispy texture. Each torta is handcrafted with attention to detail, offering a truly unique culinary experience​.