CBSé Silueta Mate Tea With Orange 500 g


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CBSé Silueta Mate Tea with Orange is a unique blend of yerba mate tea and natural orange flavoring that is designed to help support a healthy lifestyle. This tea is part of CBSé's line of functional yerba mate teas, which are formulated to provide specific health benefits.

The Silueta blend is designed to promote weight loss and healthy digestion. It contains yerba mate tea, which is known for its natural energy-boosting properties, as well as orange peel, fennel, and other natural ingredients that are believed to support healthy digestion and metabolism. The natural orange flavor adds a sweet and refreshing taste to the tea.

CBSé is a well-known brand of yerba mate tea that is produced by a family-owned company based in Argentina. The company has been producing yerba mate tea since 1978 and is known for its high-quality products and innovative blends. CBSé offers a wide range of yerba mate teas, including traditional blends, flavored blends, and functional blends like the Silueta blend.

  • Orange-flavoured ground mate leaves 
  • A lively blend of mate, spearmint, peppermint, and pennyroyal
  • Light body with a mildly astringent aftertaste
  • Product of Argentina

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