Cebo Ibérico Ham (Paleta) Semi Bone-in Carving Kit Antonio Romero


This semi-boneless piece of Iberian ham has been cured by hand and is designed to be carved with ease. A delight of flavor, without skin or fat, ready to place in your ham holder and create a pleasant experience for the whole family.


Iberian ham shoulder (3-4 kg)
Wooden ham holder
Carving knife and knife sharpener

Cebo shoulders are obtained from the front legs of Iberian pigs that have been fed with cereals and feed and have been raised using intensive livestock farming or in the wild. Iberian paletas de cebo are the most economical alternative to ham, as they are usually smaller and still have all the flavor of the Iberian product that we love so much.

This Paleta de cebo Ibérica is a 50-75% Iberian breed originating from Guijuelo, Salamanca in northwestern Spain. The pigs have been fed with natural feed and pasture during the 15-20 months of curing.

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