Dantza Sweet Red Piquillo Peppers 390 g

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Dantza Sweet Red Piquillo Peppers are a high-quality product made from carefully selected piquillo peppers that are grown in the Navarra region of Spain. These peppers are known for their unique flavor profile, which is both sweet and slightly spicy.

The peppers are handpicked and roasted over an open flame, giving them a smoky flavor and a charred exterior. The skin, stem, and seeds are then removed by hand, leaving only the sweet and juicy flesh of the pepper. The peppers are then packed in a natural brine made with water, vinegar, and salt, which helps to preserve their flavor and texture.

In addition to their high quality and delicious taste, it's worth noting that Dantza Sweet Red Piquillo Peppers are protected by the DOP (Denomination of Origin) status. This means that the peppers are produced in a specific geographical area of Navarra, Spain, using traditional methods that have been passed down for generations.