El Navarrico "Piquillo" Peppers stuffed with Spider Crab



Piquillo peppers from Lodosa with cod. The production process is traditional. Ready to heat and taste.

Piquillo peppers are one of those foods that will make your mouth water. The main ingredient is the red bell pepper, which is then stuffed according to the consumer's or cook's taste.

Piquillo peppers are small peppers with a triangular shape, they have an intense and bright red color. Piquillo peppers are originally from Navarra, where they are canned. The result of this method is historical, even its production is protected with its own Denomination of Origin, D.O. Piquillo de Lodosa, with international recognition.

The preparation of the piquillo peppers is a tradition and is a delicate and natural process. The peppers are harvested by hand, washed with water, roasted with direct fire in a wood-fired oven and finally cored, peeled, seeds are removed and immediately preserved.

Sauce (38 %): Tomato, piquillo peppers, extra virgin olive oil, onion, sugar, white wine, garlic, sweet paprika and salt.

Allergens: Contains gluten, milk and fish.

Net Weight: 260 g