Espinaler Scorpion Fish Pate 100 g

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The Espinaler Scorpion Fish Pate, weighing 100g, is a gourmet seafood delicacy that brings the rich flavors of the sea to your table. This pate is part of Espinaler's new line of patés, created in collaboration with Carles Bros, a Costa Brava painter dedicated to the conservation of marine life.

The scorpion fish, known for their diet of crustaceans, mollusks, and various small fish, lends this pate a unique flavor profile. The pate is said to evoke the delicate flavors of seafood, and its soft texture makes it perfect for pairing with water crackers or as a spread on a crusty baguette. The flavor of the pate is described as falling somewhere between red snapper and monkfish, offering a smooth, creamy, and flavorful experience