Hacienda Guzman Organic Extra virgin olive oil Manzanilla 500 ml

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Hacienda Guzmán Family Reserve Manzanilla is an exclusive extra virgin olive oil, crafted from the Seville manzanilla olive variety.

Harvested in early October for optimal quality, this oil boasts a low acidity of 0.2 degrees and features an intense fruitiness with green notes, balanced by a mild bitterness and spiciness.

Hacienda Guzmán, initially known as Hacienda de San Bartolomé in the 17th century, was managed by Hernando Colón who shipped goods, including olive oil, to the New World. Renamed in honor of the Guzmán family, it was later overseen by the last Marchioness of San Bartolomé del Monte, Concepción de Aufftón y Guzmán, in the 18th and 19th centuries. The 19th century also saw British Hispanist Richard Ford visit and mention it in his works. Today, in the 20th and 21st centuries, the Guillén family owns Hacienda Guzmán, continuing its legacy of producing gourmet olive oils.