Jolca 6-Flavor Olive Set

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Explore Jolca's Olive Collection, each 300g can offering a distinct taste:

  1. Serrano Ham Stuffed Olives: A harmonious blend of olives and Serrano ham.
  2. Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives: Olives complemented by the mildness of blue cheese.
  3. Smoked Salmon Stuffed Olives: Olives paired with the distinct taste of smoked salmon.
  4. Lemon Stuffed Olives: A hint of lemon inside each olive.
  5. Almond Stuffed Olives: Olives with a simple almond core.
  6. Chile Habanero Stuffed Olives: Olives with a touch of habanero heat.

Jolca presents a variety of flavors, each highlighting the essence of Spanish olives.