Jolca Traditional Mix of Verdial and Picual Split Olives in Marinade



Delight in the unique flavors of Spanish olives with this traditional mix of Verdial and Picual split olives, marinated to perfection. Each tin is packed with a careful selection of these two distinct olive varieties, known for their rich taste and meaty texture.

Verdial olives, famed for their bright green color and delicate flavor, combine seamlessly with the robust Picual olives, renowned for their firm texture and slightly peppery taste. The split technique allows the flavorful marinade to penetrate the olives, enhancing their natural flavor.

The olives are marinated in a carefully balanced mix of spices, garlic, and select herbs, infusing them with a delightful Mediterranean flavor that is both savory and slightly tangy.

Whether enjoyed on their own, served with tapas, or added to your favorite Spanish recipes, this traditional mix of Verdial and Picual split olives offers a genuine taste of Spanish cuisine. Savor the rich tradition of Spain in each bite.