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La Estepeña Surtido Gran Seleccion 400 g

Made in SpainOrganic

The La Estepeña Surtido Gran Seleccion, with a net weight of 400 grams, offers a diverse and indulgent assortment of Spanish confections.

This selection contains a variety of treats including alfajores (traditional Spanish cookies), bocaditos (small bite-sized pastries), mil noche (rich, creamy pastries), chocolate-covered coconut balls, pastel de gloria (a sweet pastry), balines (another type of sweet treat), estepeñita (a signature confection of La Estepeña), and nanita trufada (a truffle-like confection).

The assortment consists of approximately 22 pieces, each exemplifying the rich culinary traditions of Spain.

Crafted with care and expertise, this product is an authentic representation of Spanish patisserie, perfect for those who appreciate a wide range of flavors and textures in their sweets.

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