La Estepeña Surtido Selecto 300 g


Made in SpainOrganic

La Estepeña Surtido Selecto, in a 300-gram assortment, offers a diverse selection of traditional Spanish sweets, ideal for end-of-year celebrations.

This collection includes cinnamon mantecados, almond polvorones, almond alfajores, and roscos de vino, each offering a unique taste of Spain's rich culinary heritage. Cinnamon mantecados are soft, crumbly sweets infused with the warm spice of cinnamon, while almond polvorones are tender, nutty treats.

Almond alfajores consist of a delicate pastry filled with almonds, and roscos de vino are wine-flavored doughnuts, a festive favorite.

As a product of Spain, this assortment captures the essence of Spanish confectionery, perfect for sharing and savoring during the holiday season

Spanish Turrón Delights

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