Lady Joseph Crackers Aromatic Herbs 100 g


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Savor the Essence of Nature with Handcrafted Vegan Herb Crackers Blended with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Crafted with care, these crackers are a celebration of nature's simplicity, offering a crisp and exceptionally thin treat free from additives, preservatives, and palm oil.

A handpicked selection of the finest aromatic herbs — rosemary, thyme, and basil — are delicately infused in extra virgin olive oil to enrich every bite.

The flour is stone-ground the traditional way, which not only retains the nutritional quality but also enhances the flavor compared to industrially roller-milled flour.

The dough is rested for 12 hours and baked slowly to preserve the nutrients, resulting in a cracker that is both incredibly thin and crisp yet sturdy.

Enjoy them on their own or paired with an array of spreads such as hummus, Iberian cured meats, and creamy cheeses