Lady Joseph Crackers Brittany Sea Salt And Olive Oil 100 g


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Exquisite Artisanal Vegan Crackers with Guérande Sea Salt (France) and Olive Oil.

These crackers are a testament to authenticity and health, being all-natural, artisanal, vegan, extra-thin, and crispy, with no additives, colorants, and palm oil, proudly non-GMO.

Guérande sea salt, with its distinctive grey hue, is one of the world's highest quality salts, sourced from the Guérande peninsula on the Atlantic coast of Brittany, France.

It's a sun-dried, unrefined natural sea salt, abundant in minerals and trace elements, harvested manually by paludiers who have been using the same artisanal methods passed down since the 19th century.

Lady Joseph, who discovered the virtues of this sea salt during her summers in Brittany, always considered it an essential ingredient in her culinary creations.

The flour is ground in a time-honored fashion, using stone milling to produce flour that is not only more nutritious but also more aromatic than that produced by industrial steel roller milling.