Lavanda Puig Aromatic Hand Soap 125 g



Experience the luxurious Lavanda Puig Aromatic Hand Soap, now available in a 125 g bar. This hand soap is infused with the classic and timeless scent of Lavanda Puig, a beloved fragrance among Spanish bath and body products. Lavanda Puig Aromatic Hand Soap gently cleanses and moisturizes your hands, leaving them feeling soft and refreshed. Made with high-quality ingredients, this hand soap is gentle on the skin and perfect for daily use. The refreshing and calming scent of Lavanda Puig captures the essence of Spanish beauty and is a favorite among Spanish customers in Canada and the USA. Elevate your hand washing experience with Lavanda Puig Aromatic Hand Soap. 

  • Wonderful fragrance of Spanish lavender
  • A favourite in Spain for decades
  • Developed in Barcelona in the early 1900s