Mussels "Mejillones" in Pickled Sauce from Spain 115g



Savor the captivating flavors of Spain's exquisite coastlines with Spanish Pickled Mussels "Mejillones". Packed in a 115g can, these high-quality mussels hail from Spain's Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. Hand-harvested and steeped in a traditional pickled sauce, our mejillones are a sublime culinary delight.

Cleaned and cooked to perfection, these mussels are ready to savor directly from the can or serve as a remarkable ingredient to elevate your favorite dishes. Whether you are a die-hard seafood fan or simply eager to discover new flavors, our Spanish Pickled Mussels offer a unique and genuine taste of Spanish cuisine.

Product Highlights:

  • Hand-Harvested Spanish Mussels preserved in an aromatic pickled sauce for an unrivaled taste.
  • Nutritionally Rich, packed with protein and essential minerals for a healthy yet tasty choice.
  • Ready-to-Enjoy straight from the can, ideal for appetizers, main courses, or an extraordinary snack.
  • A 115g can contains 2-3 servings, perfect for communal enjoyment or individual indulgence.
  • An Authentic Spanish Product, certified gluten-free and non-GMO.


Serving Suggestions: For an enhanced flavor experience, chill the can before serving. Relish them directly from the can, or add a splash of lemon and a dash of smoked paprika for an extra kick. They also blend perfectly into your favorite paella or pasta recipes.