Conservas De Cambados Cuttlefish Ink 90 g



Conservas de Cambados' Cuttlefish Ink is a gourmet ingredient that is highly valued in Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. Cuttlefish ink is a natural black coloring and flavoring agent that is extracted from the ink sac of cuttlefish, which are found in the waters off the coast of Galicia, Spain.

This particular product is made using traditional methods and contains no additives or preservatives, ensuring that it is a pure and authentic representation of the natural flavors and colors of cuttlefish ink. It is also gluten-free and suitable for people with dietary restrictions.

Cuttlefish ink has a rich, briny flavor with a slightly sweet and mineral-like taste, and its black color is perfect for adding a dramatic touch to dishes such as paella, risotto, and pasta. It is also used in sauces and dressings, as well as in the creation of visually striking dishes such as squid ink pasta or black rice.

Conservas de Cambados' Cuttlefish Ink is a versatile and gourmet ingredient that adds a touch of sophistication and complexity to any dish. The brand's commitment to quality and tradition ensures that each jar of Cuttlefish Ink is a true delicacy that showcases the rich culinary traditions of the Galicia region.

About the brand

Conservas de Cambados is a Spanish brand that specializes in producing high-quality canned seafood products. The company is based in the coastal town of Cambados, in the Galicia region of Spain, which is known for its rich culinary tradition and high-quality seafood.

Conservas de Cambados prides itself on using only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients in its products. The company works closely with local fishermen to source the best-quality seafood from the Galician coast, and uses traditional cooking and canning methods to preserve the natural flavor and texture of the ingredients.