Sara Yerba Mate Esplendida Compuesta 1 kg



The Sara Yerba Mate Espléndida Compuesta is a unique blend of yerba mate and diuretic herbs, launched in 2016 by Carrau. This product, includes the following key ingredients:

  1. Centella Asiática (Gotu Kola): The primary differentiating ingredient, Centella Asiática is known for its healing, anti-cellulite, and purifying properties. It helps combat liquid retention and excess fats. Additionally, it promotes the production of collagen and proteins, improving skin elasticity and being an effective adjuvant against cellulite and capillary fragility.

  2. Melisa (Lemon Balm): A herb that acts as a diuretic, Melisa is included in the blend for its beneficial effects on the human body.

  3. Cola de Caballo (Horsetail): Also a diuretic herb, Cola de Caballo complements the blend to support the body's fluid balance.

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